About Fasamakro


Fasamakro is a full suite augmented and virtual reality development company providing hardware and software solutions for businesses, brands and individuals. By blending digital content with the user’s real life environment we create and develop products and experiences that inspire, entertain, inform and educate.

We are committed to advancing the industry and developed AR headsets that are both lightweight and achieve wide FOV of 60° for the more immersive, higher quality AR experiences. Our glasses and technology seamlessly blend holographic projections and digital content into your real-world surroundings and environment around you or within a new fully artificial space.

Whether it’s remote assistance, virtual training, simulation, interactive product presentations, prototyping or digital education we strive to bring engaging and dynamic content and experiences you and your audience will want to return to. Everyday.

We offer custom apps and development of individual project from the idea to conceptualization, realization and support of any AR/VR or MR project or campaign.

We are looking forward to building new worlds together.